“To Own a Slave or Not to Own a Slave” by Authors Everette and Michelle Bowers

A unique and original perspective on slavery

If you like thought-provoking literature, “To Own a Slave or Not to Own a Slave”

by Authors Everette and Michelle Bowers is for you.  This essay is an interesting read that provides a unique and original perspective on slavery.  In an easy to read fashion this guidebook is a quick read, but the content is rich and there are kernels of wisdom in each page.

The authors challenge readers to re-analyze the way they have been taught about the meaning of the biblical master and slave relationship, and propose that a misunderstanding of this biblical concept has caused a “wrong” relationship between the master and slave.  Further, the Bowers’ suggest that this wrong relationship has poured over into modern times through different forms of slavery such as human trafficking and child labor.  The authors present a call to action to faith based organizations to come together to fight the evil of modern day slavery through implementing three strategies they provide in the book. 
Whether you’re a spiritual person or not, this book will have you asking a lot of questions about what you have been taught about slavery and its impact on neighborhoods today. If you are looking to understand slavery from a different perspective and strategies to help improve your neighborhood, I highly recommend you read this book.
Book Description:
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a person of faith! People of faith, our neighborhoods need you! The enemy has sown so much evil into our neighborhoods, and now is the time to fight back. It is time to fight back with your keen intelligence, your brilliant talents, and your tremendous tenacity. 1 Corinthians 16:13 says, Be on your guard, stand firm in the faith, be courageous; be strong. Let these words encourage and lead you to victory! It is time to tackle these evils and defeat them one by one, because we need real changes. Authors, Everette and Michelle Bowers, are passionate about seeing our neighborhoods experience this real change. So much so, they have written this eye-opening account that will forever change your thinking.
After reading, “To Own a Slave or Not to Own a Slave,” you will:
•             Understand why we need a superhero and how you, the person of faith,                   can be that superhero
•             Learn an interpretation and application of the holy scriptures that will                     amaze you
•             Gain true purpose that will change your life and the lives of others
•             Learn how to be an outstanding advocate for change
•             Gain incredible awareness and practical solutions
•             Learn the importance of unity and why it is so desperately needed
This book will be beneficial to the person of faith, and it will add personal value to all those who take heed to the valuable information outlined in this powerful explanation.
In addition, “To Own a Slave or Not to Own a Slave,” will provide you and your faith-based organization with the necessary motivation and encouragement to be effective in your own communities. In fact, if you focus on the goal, and use the strategies provided in this book, you can become one of the most powerful entities on earth. People of faith, it is not time to give up on our neighborhoods! It is time to become a Superhero!

“To Own a Slave or Not to Own a Slave” by Authors Everette and Michelle Bowers is available at empublishinghouse.com.