Book Review: How to Win in Every Scenario: Using Scenario Planning to create win-win solutions in Ukraine and in other complex situations by Rom Gayoso

Publisher Description:
This book is about a business research technique called “Scenario Planning” Scenarios were

originally created in the 1960’s for defense purposes; later on they were adopted by private enterprise with exceptional results. Nowadays they are also used for public policy. In this book you will learn the theory behind Scenario Planning, walk through three public policy examples and learn the process steps to build your own scenarios. This book will show you how to use both qualitative and quantitative inputs combined into a method designed to help you envision the future and win in every scenario. Go forth and win!

How to Win in Every Scenario teaches you a business research technique called Scenario Planning. This technique will help you prepare for whatever situation comes at your way; Ethical, Moral, and Conflicts are the three main themes you will face in the business world, and scenario planning will help you prepare for them while promoting opportunities.

The book also gives a lot of examples to illustrate situations you’ll be in; stem-cell research, renewable energy, and conflicts among countries are used to address the three main issues you’ll face. Each example goes into detail about these potential threats and how preparation can be you’re greatest tool. It also delves into the history of scenario planning, as well as the social aspect, but with less emphasis.

Overall this was a difficult read, but useful if you’re involved with any business. It understands the key obstacles that occur in this line of work, and being prepared for it can be the difference between averting and causing a conflict. If you feel that you’re facing any of these three issues, I would pick up this book.

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