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For Such a Time as This…
By Teresa Ives Lilly
When I first began to write Orphan Train Bride, it was going to be my masterpiece that would be published by a big house publisher…but God had other plans.   
I did send this to a big house, and an editor did accept it.  She wanted me to make many changes which I was willing to do, however, God clearly spoke to me and told me not to go with the publishing house because they not only sell Christian books, but also almost x rated items.    Needless to say, I was crushed.  I cried and cried and asked God, “Well what should I do?”  His answer to me was, you were born at such a time as this.
I did not understand that at first, but then realized He was talking about the fact that I live in a time where self-publishing is possible.  I think of all the women in the world who longed to sell their books and never could before.
I had already published several books through my Lovely Christian Romance line, and they were selling nicely, but not on a large scale, so I was really, really tempted to go against God’s wishes and just fix it up and send it back to the editor for publication…but I did not disobey.
So, when I had rewritten and cleaned up the story to the best of my ability and created the cover using my daughter as the model, I hesitantly listed the book on Create space, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Smashwords.
Wow, wow, wow.   God was faithful to me.   Within a week I had sold 200 copies.  Within a month I had sold over 1000 copies.  I am currently over 5000 copies sold, and because I self-published through my line of Lovely Christian Romance all the profit comes to me.  That is already $10,000.  I’m happy, I’m blessed.
And I have been able to bless other women by helping them to get their first Christian Romance books on the market through Lovely Christian Romance.   

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