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Are you a blogger, book reviewer or do you simply enjoy reading books and sharing your opinion online?  The following books are being offered FREE in exchange for an honest review. Please click on the book title below to find out more about the book and how to obtain a copy to review. If you are an author seeking reviewers and would like to add your book to this list you can add your book to the list here at
This week’s featured books are listed below

The Woods by Ronald Lee Geigle

Book Title: The Woods
Author Name: Ronald Lee Geigle
Release date: February 2014

ISBN: 9780991271313

Pages: 434
Genre: Action-Adventure
Book Description:
Part historical fiction, part coming-of-age story, The Woods is a saga of love, grand dreams, and transformation set i…

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Ponder Awhile by Mohit.k.Misra

Book Title: Ponder Awhile
Author Name: Mohit.k.Misra
Release date: May 2014

ASIN: B0047743XM

Pages: 70
Genre: Body Mind Spirit,Poetry
Book Description:
The acclaimed and irresistible truth-telling poetics found in Ponder Awhile is magical. Poet Mohit K. Misra does more than ponder as he …

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Transcendence: The Allure of the Gypsy by Virginia Vayna

Book Title: Transcendence: The Allure of the Gypsy
Author Name: Virginia Vayna
Release date: October 2013


Pages: 129
Genre: Action-Adventure, Paranormal
Book Description:
The natural world hungers for a balance, but the hunters crave complete dominance. The…

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A Case of Black Mineral Water by Simon Marshland

Book Title: A Case of Black Mineral Water: and other stories
Author Name: Simon Marshland
Release date: December 2014


Pages: 122
Genre: Anthologies
Book Description:
A short story collection with subjects ranging from a closet vegetarian dog, a Bishop unaware he is dead, a hit …

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The Conversation: Your Guide to Transcendence by Jeff Cannon

Book Title: The Conversation: Your Guide to Transcendence
Author Name: Jeff Cannon

Release date: November 2014

ASIN: 0990836207
Pages: 256
Genre: Body Mind Spirit, New Age
Book Description:
The Conversation is based on a series of dreams that I had while on the island of Ithaca. Each …

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A SONG FOR LOST ANGELS: How Daddy and Papa Fought to Save Their Family by Kevin Fisher-Paulson

Book Title: A SONG FORLOST ANGELS: How Daddy and Papa Fought to Save Their Family
Author Name: Kevin Fisher-Paulson
Release date: January 2014

ISBN: 978-0-9888024-2-1

Pages: 240
Genre: Gay/Lesbian, Autobiography-Memoirs
Book Description:
What makes a family? And what are the real “family values” t…

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